Mediating Art

artproject comprises a wide range of project-related mediation schemes that reach from strengthening intercultural dialogues to establishing contacts between companies and artists.

The core of artproject—and thus, the basis of all projects—lies in interlinking the competences, experience, and contacts that have developed over twenty years of working with artists, collectors, and art institutions.


After an intensive exchange, mainly on twentieth-century art, developed with Japan in the nineties, connections with the very lively art scene in China are now evolving, and you will soon be able to read more about it here.

In addition to such mediation efforts, I have been studying the works of the painter C. W. E. Dietrich and following their theoretical analysis ever since my doctoral thesis on him. As a further extension of my website, I am planning to create a forum for collectors, experts, and enthusiasts of this interesting eighteenth-century painter.

Bernd Zimmer, Marae Tiki, 1996 Bernd Zimmer, Marae Tiki, 1996